• Work packages and actions

WP1: Development of sustainable and future oriented product chains of hemp and flax based building materials in North West Europe

  • Action 1:  Inventory and analysis of actual and potential developments in the hemp and flax based biobuilding economy in the NWE region
  • Action 2: Set up of a transnational open innovation-network with focus on knowledge sharing on the possibilities and requirements of every link within the chain, stimulating stakeholders to work more closely together at transnational and regional level, stimulating specific partner matching and development of a model of sustainable cooperation.
  • Action 3: Calling attention to local and regional policy makers to initiate a favorable context for the development of a biobased economy for hemp and flax based building materials, taking into account the specific bottlenecks and challenges of the regional product chains and the market development.


WP2: Match the quality of hemp and flax products to the demand of the manufacturers of building materials

  • Action 4: Optimization of the relevant cultivation parameters (sowing density, time of harvest, retting process) for optimal fibre and shives quality needed for different biobased building materials.
  • Action 5: Optimization of the performance of existing decortication methods for optimal fibre and shives quality needed for different biobased building materials.


WP3: Innovation in building materials based on hemp and flax

  • Action 6: Knowledge database of technologies and expertise for mass production of hemp and flax based building materials.
  • Action 7: LCA study of hemp/flax existing building products
  • Action 8: Pilots on innovative hemp and flax building materials
  • Action 9: Establishment of a centre of excellence at Brunel University. This centre will become the focal point for the NWE region for technical consultant and dissemination of technical information to the building industry, providing the physical evidence of eco-building materials for training and study exchange.


WP4: Promote the end use of hemp and flax based building materials

  • Action 10: Increase the confidence in and the use of the existing labels for ecobuilding materials
  • Action 11: Dispose knowledge and information on hemp and flax building materials to consumers. This action involves the creation of a mobile demonstration tool. The demonstration tool aims at raising awareness for natural fibre based building materials and will be a pioneer example for the broad public. This demonstration tool will travel around every partnerregion and will be demonstrated on excisting local events, building fairs, etc.
  • Action 12: Education on the use of hemp and flax building materials and techniques in real conditions for consumers (architects, building contractors, do-it-yourself, building owners, building founders, general public)


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