LCA study of flax and hemp products

To support the manufacturers of flax and hemp based building materials, Grow2Build made LCA studies of some products. These LCA's show what the high impacts are for the different raw materials, energy and transport. With this information, the manufacturers can adjust the production process and make their product even more sustainable.

To know more about the total production process, LCA's of the cultivation and the process of flax shives and fibers is done.

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Following LCA's are made, but they are because of confidentiality reasons only accessible after approval of the manufacturer.

  • Isohemp: hempcrete blocks -
  • Eco-makelaar: hempcrete blocks -
  • NPSP: flax composite (street sign) -
  • TripleE: flaxcomposite (table) -
  • Linex Pro-grass: flax chipboard (acoustic inner part of doors) -
  • Pan-terre flax chipboard (acoustic board) -
  • Isovlas: flax felt, flax insulation (2), prefab roofing elements with flax insulation(2) -

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31/03/2015 Meeting on bio based building and health @ Applied Plant Research, Valthermond (NL)

People spend an increasing proportion of their lives indoors. March 31st 2015 an open brainstorming session with an interdisciplinary team was organised on health aspects of bio based building. The session was focused on (1) Sharing knowledge and identification of knowledge gaps in the field of bio based building and health; (2) formulation of a road map with suggestions to fill knowledge gaps; (3) ideas for communicating the established health benefits of bio based building materials.
Via the author also the full results, with all answers collected during the GDR session, are available in a report in Dutch.
Report of the session

Final report Health, comfort, energy use and sustainability issues related to the use of biobased building materials


Other Publications

Benchmark report - Inagro (Nederlands English: update June 2015)
The benchmark report was set up to summarize and evaluate the whole chain of building materials based on flax and hemp in the five Northwest-European countries of the project partnership.

Wetgeving omtrent de teelt van hennep en vlas (Regulations on the cultivation of flax and hemp in NWE)
The report gives an overview of the differences in regulations, related to the cultivation of flax and hemp, between the countries in Northwest-Europe. Topics are the new CAP, regulations about fertilization, pesticides and a section about the regulations on hemp in relation with drugs.

Database hemp and flax products - BAS

Report on the development of a co-operation model for value chains - DLO
Three business cases were used to validate the design of the model.  

Article about the Grow2Build Roadshow with the Airstream: experiences + map


Cost natureplus - VIBE

natureplus promotes the use of building products which have been strictly tested to ensure they do not cause any negative impacts on health. In order to achieve this aim, natureplus created the quality label


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