Innovation in hemp and flax building materials through Pilots in cooperation with manufacturers

Pilot with IsoHemp and CHANVRIBLOC - Crepim

Characterization of fire performances of Hempcrete blocks and improvements.
The goal of this pilot test is to improve the fire reaction of hempcrete manufactured by ISOHEMP. As hempcrete is a construction element, it is subjected at European fire reaction tests: EUROCLASSES system. The main objective is to obtain the level A2, s1, d0 to compete with traditional inorganic insulating materials. This ranking means the complete combustion of the material isn't possible.
To achieve this goal, two solutions can be investigated: optimization of the lime and hemp shives ratio or the use of a non-combustible coating on the hempcrete blocks. 

Report on improvement of fire behaviour of hempcrete blocks - Crepim
Assessment of fire behavior of Hempcrete blockes on Single Burning Items test (Euroclass system)
Watch the related video on the Grow2build youtube channel.

Report on pilot with Chanvribloc - Crepim
The goal of this pilot test was to improve the fire reaction of hempcrete manufactured by CHANVRIBLOC. As hempcrete is a construction element, it is subjected at European fire reaction tests: EUROCLASSES system.

Report on protection of wood with a biofilm - Reggehout - Saxion

The results achieved up until now show the feasibility to protect wood with a biofilm. All-important process steps required are at least at the stage of pilot or demonstration. Although some steps still have to be taken in order to be able to upscale the different production facilities, the overall project is on track to have the first pilot products on the market end of this year (2015). Furthermore additional projects are initiated to create the resources required to pursue progress in the development of this wood protecting technology in future.
Fact sheet

Bio-Composites for Engineering Structural Applications. Pilot with Exel- Brunel
The goal of the study was to find optimal mechanical properties of compression moulded composites for use in window and door frame applications and evaluation of partially (60%) renewable polyester resin.

Factsheet on different insulation materials, in cooperation with different manufacturers – MateriaNova.
Fact sheet insulation materials

Development midstream processing of flax-fiber. Pilot with Ten Cate on flax-based thermo plastics – Saxion

Report on crossover pilot with OICAM partners: Roadmap Towards Biobased Economy Future in the Netherlands – Saxion

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