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Policy event

The Grow2Build partners hosted a policy event the 27th of February @ Batibouw2015 in Brussels (Belgium).  

In light of the growing need for policy changes surrounding bio-based building materials, speakers addressed key issues, i.e. reasons for changes, ways of supporting the shift to a bio-based economy in the building sector and changes facilitating supply chains and innovation. 

During the event the political framework for bio-based building materials was discussed from various perspectives. Participants had an active role voicing their ideas and suggestions during the discussion panel. The conclusions of this panel will be incorporated in a new policy note addressing “bottlenecks” in the bio-based building materials value chain. The differents statements and results of these statements can be found below in the report.

Within the Grow2Build project we did a survey in different sectors of the flax and hemp chain and this in different countries in northwest Europe. The purpose of this questionnaire is to get an idea of the dispersion of knowledge about flax and hemp but also to identify a few bottlenecks. The answers are processed on anonymous basis and will be used to make a global overview of the flax/hemp chain in northwest Europe. 
The different target groups were asked different questions:

After the event the partners organised a drink at the Grow2Build stand, where they witnessed several demo’s and examples of flax, hemp and other bio-based building products appliances. Pictures of the presence at Batibouw can be found here.

Program: link
Guidance note: link

Report on the policy eventlink 

Policy Paper
The results of the policy event. 



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