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The end user demands affordable quality building material which follows all necessary technical demands. Grow2build presents to you healthy and environmental alternatives to existing building materials. The label catalogue lists all labels that can be useful.



31/03/2015 Meeting on bio based building and health @ Applied Plant Research, Valthermond (NL)

People spend an increasing proportion of their lives indoors. March 31st 2015 an open brainstorming session with an interdisciplinary team was organised on health aspects of bio based building. The session was focused on (1) Sharing knowledge and identification of knowledge gaps in the field of bio based building and health; (2) formulation of a road map with suggestions to fill knowledge gaps; (3) ideas for communicating the established health benefits of bio based building materials.
Via the author also the full results, with all answers collected during the GDR session, are available in a report in Dutch.
Report of the session
With the exception of wood, the use of natural (biobased) materials (based on hemp, flax, straw or other natural resources) is still limited. Nevertheless, many benefits are attributed to these materials in terms of a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate. Other potential benefits of natural insulation materials that are often mentioned are energy savings and reduced environmental impact. This report focuses on the empirical support for these claims, identifies research gaps and suggests, where appropriate, recommendations for next steps.
Reports of the session

Report 'Biobased building : healthier, more sustainable and energy efficient?'- DLO
See also: 'other output'.

Report on pilot with Chanvribloc - Crepim
The goal of this pilot test was to improve the fire reaction of hempcrete manufactured by CHANVRIBLOC. As hempcrete is a construction element, it is subjected at European fire reaction tests: EUROCLASSES system.

Report on improvement of fire behaviour of hempcrete blocks - Crepim
Assessment of fire behavior of Hempcrete blockes on Single Burning Items test (Euroclass system)
Watch the related video on the Grow2build youtube channel 

Report on open innovation network events - DLO
Short description of some organised events in the Netherlands, with examples of applied methods and design, as well as evaluation of effectivity and achieved results compared to expectations. 

Report on the development of a co-operation model for value chains - DLO
Three business cases were used to validate the design of the model. 

Report on framework for an open innovation platform & innovation and implementation agenda for the use of biobased materials for infrastructure - Saxion

Report on protection of wood with a biofilm
The results achieved up until now show the feasibility to protect wood with a biofilm. All-important process steps required are at least at the stage of pilot or demonstration. Although some steps still have to be taken in order to be able to upscale the different production facilities, the overall project is on track to have the first pilot products on the market end of this year (2015). Furthermore additional projects are initiated to create the resources required to pursue progress in the development of this wood protecting technology in future.
Fact sheet

Building advice - BAS
BAS informed builders about the benefits of using hemp or flax based building materials and performed so-called building scans. This report explains in short the principle of the building scan and the experiences with this scan. Mostly the so called 'Quick scan' was used. An example of this quick scan (in Dutch) is available.
BAS continues to advice builders: for more info look at (in Dutch)

Quick scan - BAS
Example of quick scan (Nederlands).

1:1 model - BAS
At Veurne, you can visit the demonstration 1:1 models of hemp and flax based building materials

Article in Bioplastics Magazine, issue January/February 2015:
Development of 100 % bio-based thermoplastic composites for automotive interiors – Nature Wins. – ITA/RWTH Aachen (Sangeetha Ramaswamy, et al.)

Presentation at Low cost housing workshops, India
Natural Fibre Composites and their potential in technical applications – ITA/RWTH Aachen (Sangeetha Ramaswamy)

Presentation (Graduate Seminar) at College of Textiles, North Carolina State University, USA:
Application of renewable raw materials in automotive interiors. - ITA/RWTH Aachen (Sangeetha Ramaswamy, et al.) 

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